Bench Chemist

Job ID: 092122

Posted Date: 2 weeks ago

Job Title: Bench Chemist

Job Category: Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performs physical and chemical testing of Existing and new Product development that requires % moisture test analysis, pH, and viscosity
  • Develops standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Stability and Compatibility for Approved Formula of R&D
  • Prepares specifications for new Product Development
  • Performs initial testing of viscosity and pH in preparation of Product Specification of new Products
  • Responsible for the maintenance and calibration of Ovens and Freezer every 6 months in Analytical laboratory
  • Responsible for daily verification of ovens temperature @ 45°C and 50°C in Analytical Laboratory
  • Monitors and performs the accelerated test for stability and compatibility of new and existing products submitted by R&D Chemist
  • Responsible for the daily basis update of testing results at CCC Computer Networks
  • Responsible for informing R&I Chemist, R&I Director, and QC Manager about the accelerated test results of stability or compatibility of the product submitted to Stability Chemist and acquire signature from QA Manager
  • Performs weekly monitoring of temperature in Assembly Area “A”, Label Room, Warehouse, Pre-weigh Area, Assembly Area “E” and QC Retain Room (Temperature & % Relative Humidity)
  • Performs Other Tests like Weight Loss, Stress Test, Leak Test, and Sweat Test & Drop Test if needed
  • Prepares and keeps records of Stability and Compatibility, Weight Loss and Leak Test and other test results according to GMP


  • Bachelor of Science Degree, preferably in Chemistry or equivalent
  • Sound Knowledge of Computer
  • Experience in Analytical testing with Lab Instruments
  • Good and hands-on knowledge of GMP
  • Excellent written and verbal Communication
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Experience in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, or food processing environment preferred
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