Microbiology Laboratory Assistant

Job ID: 011823

Posted Date: 2 weeks ago

Job Title: Microbiology Laboratory Assistant

Job Category: quality assurance

Duties and Responsibilities:

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The Laboratory Assistant prepares media, provides logistic support, conducts entry-level microbiology tests, and performs laboratory duties as assigned.

  • Follow biosafety & biosecurity requirements and standard operating procedures as applicable
  • Review and archive equipment usage, verification, and monitoring records.
  • Media preparation and growth promotion, culture, and media waste disposal.
  • Conduct sampling, testing, and evaluation of purified water for microbial quality
  • Participate in environmental monitoring
  • Cleaning, sanitization, and other lab duties.
  • Manage inventory of lab reagents, follow the FIFO principle, and label lab supplies appropriately.
  • Perform Gram stain and streaking on the samples under microbial testing.
  • Perform other lab support assignments as applicable.


  • B.Sc. degree or college diploma in microbiology or equivalent discipline.
  • Basic knowledge of aseptic techniques.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and adapt to changing priorities.
  • Ability to lift up to 10 kg.
  • Flexibility to work on afternoon shift, and to shift changes.
  • Excellent communication skills and computer literacy.
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