Technical Document Editor/Jr. Process Engineer (Cosmetics Industry)

Job ID: 031423

Posted Date: 6 days ago

Job Title: Technical Document Editor/Jr. Process Engineer (Cosmetics Industry)

Job Category: Maintenance & Engineering

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create production operating procedure such as plan, develop, organize, write, and edit operational procedures and manuals
  • Implement a step-by-step approach to operate machine
  • Analyze and interpret the function of each machines
  • Establish guideline instruction manual to each machine
  • Research, develop, and document technical design specifications and test scripts
  • Maintain a comprehensive library of technical terminology and documentation
  • Work hand-in-hand with Maintenance Manager and production to ensure accuracy of training manual
  • Conduct machine testing such as changing filters, change and measure plates
  • Keep proper record of training manuals and production operating procedure documents
  • May require to assist with checking HVAC
  • Responsible to review preventive maintenance checklist and examine different type of tools to record proper usage to a machine


  • Bachelor Degree or Associated degree or equivalent field experience writing/editing
  • Bilingual; ability to speak and read both English and Chinese Mandarin
  • Vocabulary of the relevant technical disciplines
  • Ability to write in explanatory and procedural styles
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