Technical Document Editor / Jr. Process Engineer (Cosmetics Industry)

Job ID: 013123

Posted Date: 2 days ago

Job Title: Technical Document Editor / Jr. Process Engineer (Cosmetics Industry)

Job Category: Maintenance & Engineering

Duties and Responsibilities:

The role of Technical Document Editor at Crystal Claire Cosmetics will focus on creating manuals and instructions, and explain complex information using clear and concise mechanical terminology. The individual will perform technical procedures, assess and observe the machine and must be detail-oriented to implement a training manual. Communicating with production and reporting to Maintenance Manager to ensure the accuracy of machine descriptions is necessary.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create production operating procedures such as plan, developing, organizing, writing, and editing operational procedures and manuals
  • Implement a step-by-step approach to operating machine
  • Analyze and interpret the function of each machine
  • Establish guideline instruction manual for each machine
  • Research, develop, and document technical design specifications and test scripts
  • Maintain a comprehensive library of technical terminology and documentation
  • Work hand-in-hand with Maintenance Manager and production to ensure the accuracy of the training manual
  • Conduct machine testing such as changing filters, changing, and measuring plates
  • Keep proper records of training manuals and production operating procedure documents
  • May require to assist with checking HVAC
  • Responsible to review preventive maintenance checklist and examine different types of tools to record proper usage of a machine


  • Bachelor’s Degree or Associated degree or equivalent field experience writing/editing
  • Bilingual; ability to speak and read both English and Chinese Mandarin
  • Vocabulary of the relevant technical disciplines
  • Ability to write in explanatory and procedural stylesm
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