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A new factory for Crystal Claire Cosmetics!

The Canadian firm is taking advantage of the momentum in the makeup industry across the world and more particularly from North America, to invest in a new 20,000 m2 facility in Scarborough near Toronto, which should be operational next March, thus increasing its production area by 5,000 m² vs. the former site. Amount invested: $40 million. Crystal Group currently employs more than 3,000 people (2,000 in China, 300 in Taiwan and 800 in Canada) for a turnover of $250 million. Overview with Roger Hwang, CEO, and Irene Zheng Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing.


Crystal Claire Cosmetics’s new facility near Toronto, Canada

Crystal Claire Cosmetics’s new facility near Toronto, Canada


Premium Beauty News – You have a broad industrial expertise!

Irene Zheng – Yes, we provide a complete range of services from concept design, filling and assembly to finished product. Having control of the whole chain is one of our key assets. We master both the design and manufacture of packaging, research and development of formulas, filling and packaging operations.

For this, we can rely on two factories in Guangdong, China: Zhongshan Longsen Precision Plastics LTD (Auto Assembly Lines; In-house tooling; Over 200 Injection Machines; New Technology for decoration: Hot Stamping Machines; H/T Label Printing Machines; Over 30 Mould Machines such: 3 Milling Machines; 9 EDM Machines; 9 Grinding Machines; 12 Drilling Machines), and Long Yu Plastic CO. LTD. (Injection Moulding, Lipstick Cases, Compacts).

In Toronto, our entity Crystal International creates and customizes quality packagings in connection with our various autonomous creative units, set up over the last ten years and grouped under the Zen Design Global Team Packaging Design & Engineering entity, which are located in Canada, of course, but also China, Hong Kong and New Jersey.

Yuen Myng Industrial Taiwan Injection Blow Moulding, our factory in Taiwan, produces Lip Gloss, Mascaras, Roll-ons.

Our entity, Crystal Claire Cosmetics, based in Scarborough near Toronto is specialized in formulation and filling operations.


Premium Beauty News – 2018 is a new milestone in the evolution of your Group, with a new manufacturing site near Toronto!

Roger Hwang – We can be proud of the road we have travelled to get here. This new plant in Scarborough is indeed a new step forward, enabling to respond to the steadily growing market demand. But it is also and above all a sign that our expertise is recognised.

Innovation and Quality is a top priority at Crystal Claire Cosmetics by continuously introducing new and unique, high performing quality formulations to our clients as the Beauty market rapidly evolves. Our research team is always in search of the latest advances in ingredients, processes and technology. Our experienced chemists understand the importance of developing high performance formulations using the best ingredients. Experienced Quality Department ensures that the standard meets or exceeds the client’s expectations.


Premium Beauty News – What is the scope of your offer?

Irene Zheng – The design and manufacture of powders remain today our cores activity. The design of lipsticks and lipgloss comes afterwards. In any case, our product offering is as broad as possible. It consists among others, of contours, highlighters, concealers, primers, foundation and blushes, pressed/loose powders, cream to powder, mousse… Not to mention lipsticks and other slim/trim liners, split bullets, core bullets, liquid lipsticks.

In the area of baked products, we offer baked formulations (Italian terracotta in pans, etc). All products are fully customizable for a full colour line of cosmetics (wide range of coverage, pay-offs, can be applied wet or dry. The vitamin and emollient infused mineral formulation is extra gentle to the skin).

We have the latest in “Baked Powder” technology. We are certainly the market leaders in the area in North America. It can be applied wet or dry. Streak-free, soft and ultra blendable with an intense colour payoff. Variety of finishes from matte to super high pearl bases (ideal for primer, liner, shadow and top coat). Long wear formula, up to 24 hours. Available for customization in Eye Shadow, Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter and Foundation.

For the development stage, we have 70+ professionals dedicated to R&D and Quality Control. And we are licensed / certified by the FDA, Health Canada, GMP, Natural Health Product (NHP).


Premium Beauty News – Your field of operation mostly concerns North America and Europe?

Roger Hwang – That’s right, but not only … China, of course, is also a strategic priority. And I would be tempted to say, more and more. But our top priority for the time being is to meet demand which is, as you know, very high at the moment between Europe and the Americas.